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For the monuments, a sculpture or flat marker (bronze or granite) Martel & Sons Inc. offers a large selection of designs and premium quality granites.

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Welcome to Martel & Sons Inc.!

Whether it is for a monument, a sculpture or a flat marker (bronze or granite) that will perpetuate the memory of your loved ones, we have a large selection of designs and premium quality granites.

For over 20 years, the company has added to its production: fireplaces, kitchen counters, vanities, bath contours and showers. We also offer the design of engraved signs and decorative and personalized plaques.

Martel & Sons Inc. imports and uses only top premium quality material from around the world for the execution of every contract.

With all the awards won over the years and the recognition from the granite and marble industry, Martel & Sons Inc. has become a leader in its field.

Our experienced counsellors enable you to create your personal memorial, bearing a limited lifetime warranty.


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