Martel & Sons Inc. is known throughout the industry for its customized work. You have an idea, our skilled craftsmen will transform it into reality. whether in granite, marble or quartz.

Marble and granite are two naturally veined stones with multiple colors. With this piece of art created by nature, our craftsmen create permanent monuments while emphasizing the nuances, the grain and the brightness of these precious stones.

Services offered :

Marble/granite is characterized by the natural movement of its veining. It represents prestige and luxury. Martel & Sons Inc. uses all types of stone for structural accomplishments, such as stairs, patio, etc.

Kitchen Tables
Kitchen tables offer many advantages. You can’t imagine the savings you will make as your table will follow you from home to home.
Personalized Items
We offer a service of item personalization. We have artists with more than 20 years of experience who will be pleased to assist you.
Granite Benches
Charming, sophisticated, and maintenance free. Discovering the elegance of marble/granite will be a long lasting feature in your garden.
Specific Projects
Our experienced consultants will help you create your personal project, whatever it is. Our craftsmen and designers love the challenges of realizing demanding projects.

Contact us today to enrich your estate with the timeless elegance of fine marble!

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