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It is one of the most compelling reasons for choosing granite. Its toughness surpasses that of any other material and unlike other surfaces, it won’t fade, chip or wear. You can put hot pans or cut on it. Even a lit cigar won’t harm its surface! It will keep its smooth surface and brilliant shine for decades. Furthermore, granite requires no special cleaning agents and is very low maintenance.

It is vital for frequently-used surfaces. It could actually outlast the rest of your house. We believe this degree of strength is not available in other countertop materials. Synthetics and laminates are prone to scratches, blisters and cracks.

It is the spark that turns a house into a home. To suit your needs, Martel & Sons Inc. offers granite in a wide variety of colors, ranging from subtle to dazzling. Come choose a piece of granite or marble and you can see for yourself its particles, depth and variations in color.

Products offered :
The granite countertops offer many advantages and has many possibilities. Whether it is for the kitchen, the bathroom or even a bar or a kitchen island, you cannot imagine the savings you will make. Your granite countertop will last a lifetime and even more. And just think about the value added to your residence.
Bathroom vanities & Showers
For your bathroom, we propose a wide variety of realizations: hand sinks, basins, bathtubs, showers, quality floor or wall.

The splendor of a marble/granite bathroom is incomparable. Marble/granite are without a doubt the most appreciated natural stones and maintenance, in the day-to-day life, is very easy. Choose a marble/granite bathroom for your home, reminiscent of the magnificence of the Roman thermal baths… You will discover the pleasure and advantage of an increase in well-being!

Kitchen Sinks
We are confident that our undermount stainless steel sinks meet your criteria. Our beautiful sinks will instantly improve the look of your kitchen. Our high-quality sinks are functional, aesthetically pleasant and will improve instantaneously your kitchen, ensuring us you will be proud to showcase our products in your home.
Combine elegance and resistance by offering yourself a marble/granite fireplace that will last for eternity. Thanks to our choice of colors, we will create for you, a fireplace that will increase the value of your home.
Soap Dispensers
Our kitchen liquid soap dispensers “Delta Faucet” offer a neat, appealing appearance and a quality of design adapted to your needs.

Services offered :
- Templates
- Measurements
- Granite samples brought to your house
- Free estimates
- Joint repairs
- Choosing slabs by client in warehouse

We have a vast selection of materials and styles to offer you!

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