Columbariums & Mausoleums

Services offered :
They have been used for several years in urban cemeteries and growing in popularity now in countryside cemeteries. We make the columbarium of your choice, each one being single and different, the models are made according to your request and specification.
The mausoleum often constitutes the choice for families not wishing to be buried in the ground. It is a monument where the coffins are placed behind a granite door. We manufacture them according to the needs and specifications of the families.
Etching (surface sculpture) is offered on dark granite only. We have artists with more than 20 years of experience that can engrave portraits and scenes. Bring us the picture of a loved one or any other scene and our artists will be delighted to create an art work on your memorial.

Other services available :
- Monument lettering
- Monument cleaning
- Monument repair
- Reconditioning of monuments
- Bronze markers and plaques
- Custom work
- Personalized services
- Souvenirs

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