Available in a striking array of colors, each one is particular to its origin. Granites & marbles are imported from around the world. This provides the consumer with over 300 colors to choose from.

It has proven to be the ideal countertop and fireplace material for new and renovated homes. It is the hardest material available. The natural beauty of this versatile stone is legendary. With granite, we bring the beauty of nature right into your home. Its highly reflective surface acts like a mirror; adjacent to a window, it reflects sky and trees, literally bringing nature into the room. Granite will resist to heat.

This man made product offers a steady flow of colors within the same slab. It has high antibacterial properties. Each manufacture of quartz has its own pallet of colors. That is why Martel & Sons Inc. carries Cambria, Hanstone, Compac, Silestone and Ceasar stone, which all use the Breton high quality manufacturing techniques.

A wide variety of colors is offered to you. Marble is more pouress and softer than granite or quartz. That is why marble is usually used for bathrooms and fireplaces.

15 special granite colors
Blanco Leblon, Verde Butterfly, Latina, Crema Pearl, Santa Cecilia, Azule Platino, Bethel White, Black Pearl, New Caledonia, Ghibli, Kashmir White, Tan Brown, Ubatuba, Steel Grey, Giallo Ornamental.

Here are some examples of the many colors Martel & Sons can offer
Exodus - Granite
Gold Mosaic - Granite
Dolce Vita - Quartz naturel
Earth Glitter - Granite
Capolavaro - Granite
Stratus Cross-cut - Granite
Antolini Signature - Granite
New Emperor - Granite
Super White - Granite
Rosso Bourgogne - Granite
Quarzo Bianco Precious - Quartz
Crazy Horse - Granite
Betularie - Granite
Fusion - Granite
Typhoon Bordeaux - Granite
Red Hollywood - Granite
Cappucino Mocha - Granite
Fusion 02 - Granite
Verde Bamboo - Granite
Original Soapstone - Granite

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